Sunday, June 14, 2009

A4J Conference Day 1 Session 2

Session 2: Ps. Yosep Moro

Ps Philip did not come alone this time, he brought his team from Indonesia.
Ps Moro is one of his disciples. Very cute and tiny ;p But he really has the OHM spirit of Ps Philip. He started a campus church in Medan and within a very short time, he's pastoring a church of >2000! Their church is in the most expensive and high class shopping mall in Medan!!

I look up to him. You know why? cz he's a great campus church pastor!

John 4:1-42
V35 "4 months more and then the harvest?"
Jesus said open our eyes and look, NOW is the time.

We tend to delay God's work. We give reasons of all sorts in order to delay things.
"I am not good enough"
"I am stil studying"
"I want to earn enough money and achieve a stable life first"

Stop looking at ourselves. Look AROUND us.

When you see one tsunami incident swiped off hundred thousands of lives, you won't want to wait til you finish studying.
When you see your family members, friends, love many not saved, so many in darkeness, you won't wanna wait til you are good enough.

I have been thinking of my family members...
How long have I not praying for them?
God, I repent.

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peacefreezer-pik yee said...

nice... Campus Church!
family members is what i received since last year as well...