Sunday, June 14, 2009

A4J Conference Day 1 Session 3

Session 3 Ps Philip Mantofa

Being a Disciple.

Acts 16:1-5

Qualities of a disciple

1. A teachable heart

2. Committed life to Christ
- We ask God to use us greatly, but God send people to disciple us instead. This is because God doesn't want us to raise the dead once, He wants us to keep raising up the dead all our lives.

3. Growing Faith
- A disciple's faith needs not to be great. Though weak...but it must be growing.

How to find a disciple?
1. One who has a Godly lifestyle.
2. One who has the purest intention towards you.
3. One who commits to you in truth.
4. One who challenges your faith.

God looks for disciples, not followers.
God loves our passion but He loves our commitment even more.
A student only needs to learn what the teacher taught. A disciple needs to be exactly his master. This needs a lot more effort and sacrifices.

Pursue God as if you are going to save the whole world over one night.
This is when he said: Your love have to be comforting, but your faith must be FIERCE!

During prayer session, we were asked to find our disciple/discipler and pray together.
I am very far away from our church members cz I have to stay at the aisles as counselor. It was a quite awkward moment for me... I've discipled some youths over the last few years when I was still in the Teens cell. Moving to the campus cell now, I have no real disciples yet. Maybe they are not ready, maybe I am the most unready one.

But frankly, there's a deep desire in me, to share my life and experience in God and ministry with someone, ofcz, who has the same desire too.
For the mean time, campus core team is my target~ lol..not to say discipling.. I just want to share.
I am never good enough, many things I want to learn from all of you out there. As Ps Philip said, the disciples are the main casts, not the master.


傻敏 charmaine koh said...

有时我很惊讶我有多倔强,因为我一直以来都是很随和,anything others want to do with/on/to me, i am always alright with it.

but since last year, NO all such things!!


ok i admit God always bringing me to another higher and deeper stage in my spiritual life, from kepong methodist, to planet shaker, then to philadelphia, then to asia conference, then now A4J, even today morning service.

I hv decided, although i am not relly sure am i strong enough to 坚持, u know how weak am i.

so...come la~ ( u understand wt i mean geh..dun make me hv to so 赤裸的说出来)

lei ming

peacefreezer-pik yee said...

hahaha... i know both of u can have a breakthrough ^^ yea...

Erm... this sentence draws my attention "disciple challenge your faith"

ok, now i see n learn sth new....