Sunday, June 14, 2009

A4J Conference Day 3 Session 6

Session 6 - A Trip to Hell: Ps Philip Mantofa.

I really don't know what to share about this night.
I was on duty as a counselor so I get to be in the main hall, thank God.
The hall was packed, overflow halls L5, L4 and L3 all packed.
Some Christians in the main hall had to give their seats to the new friends.
Last year during this service, Ps Philip was in great pain when he tried to share his experience. I heard that he can barely say a word but cried... he mentioned the gate of the hell... and he choked.. he just sat on the stage and cried. But the whole atmosphere was like everyone has been brought to the gate...
He stopped his sharing and immediately open the altar for decisions. 187 people RUN like there's no tmr to the front. The atmosphere was so intense cz the gate was opened for only minutes. Some could not even get themselves in and cried and wept.

This year however, he share 2 stories from hell. He described...Hell has a huge gate at the entrance, the texture of the gate is like an old rugged cross. God asked him to open the gate and he went in. What he saw in there, left such great hurt and pain in him. It was BIG...with no boundaries.. so many people were in there. He can literally see the hell as describe in the bible but there is nothing to compare with on earth. Hell is much much terrible than anything we can imagine. There's devils all around, torturing the dead people.

He told us about a lady who was near the gate. Devils surround her and shouted "LIE! LIE! LIE!" The lady kept on saying "Yes, I lied." But the devils seem unsatisfied. They held her tongue, and pull. the whole tongue came out with blood and worms and maggots oozing out from it. And they scratch her face with sharps... making the whole scene bloody... and all these repeated and repeated and repeated...

Another scene where 2 men with devils all around them. The devils want them to fight and commanded the old man to peel off the young man's scalp and eat his brain. And then they take turns... they were apologizing, crying and begging while doing that. God inspired Ps Philip that they might be father and son and all their lives on earth, the live in unforgiveness. Hence the devils celebrate their sins when they were reunited in hell.

What we feel physically is actually because of what we feel in our soul. Hence even though we are dead, we can are sensitive in every sensations we have physically. Imagine the pain and suffering.

As I'm on duty, I have to sit in front which is very near Ps philip. When he was telling his experience, I can literally feel the chill...and his struggles of forcing himself to recall all these torturing things.
It's not easy for him to share. Imagine if you ask a rape victim to reproduce the process in detail.

God brought him there, he saw all the truth and he doesn't want anybody to go there. Hence, although it hurts billion zillion times...he shared his experience over and over again, to let more people know and given a chance, not to go there.

Well, something happened in between. Shook us all. The situation became super intense during that moment. I really don't know how to share here. But this hurts Ps philip so much and it hurts me...hurt everyone of us Christians..
Sometimes the truth can be ugly and cruel. We have to learn to face it.

But God is mighty to save. He finally opened the altar for people to come to Christ. We counselors have o be chased out to give room. I was standing near the stairs and when he said: "Set them free!" People were running down the stairs and made such huge stomping effect. The ushers are urging them to go into the circle fast. There was so many people...until the ushers have to move back few rows to accommodate everyone.

Due to my non-strategic view...I can barely see what's going on inside. But through some sharing from people in the overflow hall. There's 2 old couples were struggling whether or not to go into the circle. When they finally decided and walked there, the time is up. Ushers closed the gate and the old couple asked for entry. The usher did not response. one of my church members happened to be an usher as well and she was deeply moved by the scene.

When one day, everything is too late.

I know not every people accept the idea of heaven and hell. I understand they struggle to accept things which sounds unscientific. But I believe, heaven and hell, they are so real.

I am not bold enough to talk like Ps Philip... but I pray that with God's help, I can at least try my very best to prevent this from my love ones.

The night ended. Approximately 3000 attendees. ~500 responded to altar call. >200 new believers. Praise the Lord.

"A Trip to Hell" is not another fiction story to scare people. The truth has been told but everyone has their own free-will. God does not force us to believe in Him. It all depends on your choice.

We can take it easy, but remember: when one day, everything is too late.

I teared.

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