Sunday, June 14, 2009

A4J Conference Day 2 Session 4

Session 4 Ps Philip Mantofa - Anointing

Acts 16:1-5
V3 "to take him along on the journey"
- a journey of anointing.
"so he circumcised him"
- the anointing will circumcise you.
V4 "travel from ton to town"
- the anointing will go out from here to all over Malaysia and the world.

In order to be anointed, we must first be circumcised.
Circumcision is the removal of unnecessary skin layer: removal of our unnecessary attitude and sins.
Circumcision is painful, it hurts very badly. But we will be great, cos we are holy to be used by God.

I couldn't find any notes in my book after this... cz the things which happened next, moved all of us so deeply.
Ps Philip said he wants to shamed his disciples, he called 3 pastors and told us their weakness and how he discipline them. He made Ps Jonathan cried like a baby.

Ps Philip is the boldest man I've ever seen. He speak with the boldness of God, addressing shameful truth in people's life without fear. He can speak right into a pastor's face about his shortcomings. That night, many hidden weakness in pastors are unveiled.

He is a bold man...but he is also the most humble man. He said that although he is an apostle of God, but his makes him no higher than anyone. Apostles are sent to preach the truth, at the same time, they are sent to die for the truth. He is the smallest one when it comes to ranking. He came to be a servant to all.

He took out his handkerchief, knelt down before the pastors...and clean their shoes.
You might think this is a funny act. But as he did that...all of us knelt down with him. Tears flow from the pastors eyes as he hug their legs and pray.
All of a sudden all of us become so tiny... so unworthy.
We have been thinking great of ourselves, we held tightly to our status and pride.

The rock has to be broken in order for the water to flow.
Our rock, the pastors, have been broken. The anointing flows to the congregation even we are not been laid hands on.

I've experience one other kind of anointing, which is flow from the brokeness of the elders.
I suddenly realized... I have to be broken totally, for God to use me as a vessel. Cz a vessel has to be open-ended, both sides. If I still want to hold on things in my life, my life will be like a blood vessel with thrombosis plug, blood can only flow in drips.. and the flow is always turbulent inside. Not only I can't be a blessing to others, I cause turbulent flow in my own life.

For so long...I have been living in denial. I deny myself of sins, I sort of hypnotized myself into believing that I am righteous. I continue serving God as though I am a Godly person. My relationship with Him has turn cold for so long and yet I still can put on a mask in front of people. In the end, I even fooled myself.
I need to face them all... let God break them all.

I remember I apologized to someone after the service. I have done wrong and I don't care how embarassing to admit it. I know what has been done has to be broken.

I tell myself, I am not going to do that again.
By the power of Christ, I am free.

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