Thursday, June 4, 2009

Things learned from a job interview.

1. You should not spike your hair too much cz the boss has curry puff style hair.

2. You should not wear fancy shirt cz the boss thinks a basic white shirt with stripes is fancy.

3. You should not wear shirt with no pockets cz the boss wants you to keep a pen in it.

4. You should bring an A5 size notebook cz the boss does not own an iPhone like you.

5. You should not bring your girlfriend along cz she will be 1000x more nervous than you.

... but she will proof read your CV, arrange your certificates, straighten you tie, wait in Starbucks for 3hours just to be there for you.

there will be more to come and I know you will impress all the curry puff head apek totally!
Jia Yo~