Tuesday, June 23, 2009

love makes me go wee~

Hau Wei & Peggen.

Stumbled upon this great photographer's site and saw a sweet video featuring their engagement.
Hau Wei & Peggan, both are great leaders of Planetshakers Church. When God create couples, He has great plans for them. When 2 great people are united, the POWER is unlimited. I look up upon them.

Peggen was my one-day cell group leader when I was attending Planetshakers Australia. I don't know her much but this woman of God left great impact in my life, and I believe, in many many lives. She's really a woman of faith.

I once heard about a prayer session led by her, can you imagine when not even one prayer is left unanswered? That's her level of faith.

I can still remember during my farewell party last year, she gave me a huge firm hug and said to me: "Angeline, I never worried about you. You can make it!"
and yes I am making it happen.

During the sharing session, I mentioned that I've learned a lot from PlanetUni and I hope I will make a difference when I'm back in my home church.
She interrupted with a stern look: "What do you mean by "you hope"? YOU WILL!"
and yes I will make it happen.

When you are weak, stand with someone strong.
When your faith is like a little spark, stand with someone with faith like flame.
She might not know, but she's one person who holds me up.

Oh ya, they are getting married on my birthday. I'll dedicate my birthday wish for them.

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