Thursday, June 11, 2009

A4J Conference quick share

Rev. Philip Mantofa...
This is the first time meeting him in person.
I read great stories about him, heard wonderful things he'd done.
Now I see God's power through him.

A man of God.
This man, shakes the nations.

"Your love must be comforting, but your faith must be intimidating!"

I can have gentle love, but my faith must be FIERCE!!

Today's messages are about Malaysia being the little child of revival, now is the time and being a disciple.
Stirred us up alot! even during the first session!
Need not to mention our tears & prayers...

So full inside, too tired to share. (did I mention I slept at 5:30am and woke up at 7:30am and now is 1:30am?)

Night sessions are free and open for public.

"Trip to Hell crusade"
12/6/09 Friday 7pm.
PLS... do come! bring whoever you want to see them coming to Christ.

I guarantee you a life changing journey.
trust me.

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peacefreezer-pik yee said...

have a nice rest... tmr is another fight... LOLZ **