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A4J Conference Day 2 Session 3

Session 3 Ps Ewen Chow 周巽光牧师

Ps Ewen is known for leading the Taiwan Worship Band--Joshua 约书亚乐团... and his wife Venessa 玺恩, worship leader in the band and also a pop singer in Taiwan.
aiya they are so sweet... they have been married for many years, ministering together and touched so many lives. Ps Philip keep on asking them to have kids and stop playing with pet dogs. hehe..

The Kingdom Culture - Honor

He used a parable of tables. We need to change from a round table to a long table.
When we sit in a round table, it seems like there's not ranking and everyone is on the same level. When we sit in a long table, honored guests are placed in the front seats.

There are 3 levels in life
1. The level of curse
- The lowest level where people only knows to blame, murmur and curse. They have nothing in possession and always in lack.

2. The level of sow and reap
- You get the result of what you sow. The fruit depend on how much you have sow.

3. The level of inheritance of riches and blessings.
- You get to own things which you did not earn. You inherit them from those before you.

Exodus 20:12 "Honor you father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the Lord your God is giving you."

We tend to live more in the 2nd level of life, where we only reap what we have sowed. We can only do what we can do in our whole lives.
But there is one way of entering the level of inheritance of riches and blessings from our forefathers --- by honoring them.

1. Honor your leaders 1Sam 8
- Many young people nowadays don't want to submit under authorities. We think that leaders are not perfect. We change our governing system and reject leaders.
- We can honor our boss for money, but we are unable to honor our parents, church leaders for love --- we are selling our body.
- We are actually spiritualizing or using religion to cover up our weakness.

2. Honor our forefathers
- Heb6:1-2 Laying hands of the elders = passing down the riches and blessings.
- Gen 27:34-40
~When Isaac laid hands on Jacob, there's a physical substance being pass down to him.
~When the inheritance was taken by Jacob, what's left for Esau was only a 2nd level of living.

We live in a performance-driven environment, we tend to look up upon leaders who are always in the lime light.
Churches are emphasizing on young people because they say revival comes from the youths.
But God says in Acts 2:17-18, He will pour His spirit on ALL people.
ALL includes the kids, the elders.

He used an analogy of 2 ladies standing side by side and their father told one of the daughter that she is beautiful. But not saying anything to the other one.
The scene changed, 2 ladies and the father. The father told the same daughter that she's beautiful, but not saying anything to the other one.
The scene changed again, and the same thing happened.

Does the father think that the other daughter is not beautiful?
He might not meant that the other daughter is ugly, yet he did not say that she's beautiful.

The words unspoken, is very powerful.

Revival needs all generations. Malachi 4:5-6 "He will turn the hearts of the father to their children, and the hearts of the children to their fathers; or else I will come and strike the land with a curse."

We should not neglect the power of the elders and God's greatest treasures are hidden in the old and wise.
The greatest barrier to revival: generation gap.
When we learn to honor, we receive. We need not to toil and labor, we inherit.

I agree. Sometimes, maybe unconsciously, young people in church grow proud. Because most people stressed on the point that young people are the future hope for the church. The young generations bring revival! We thought that we are so important and look down on our elders.

Never we know that they are the ones who build a strong foundation for us to build on.

We are actually stepping on their shoulders to reach high grounds.

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