Sunday, June 14, 2009

A4J Conference Day 3 Session 5

Session 5 Ps Jonathan Chow 周巽正牧师

Ps Jonathan, better known as Ps Zheng3 Zheng2 (正正牧师) is the younger brother of Ps Ewen. He's running a School of Theology in Taiwan. Very powerful speaker!

粽子(众子)不见了 The dumpling is gone (haha...)
Rom 8:19-21; John 3:22-30

Yesterday the pastors were being circumcised, today it's our turn.
I think God spoke to me a lot during this session.
v27 "A man can receive only what is given him from heaven"

We, as servants of God, sometimes will fall into the pride pit.
We want to steal some glory from God. We compare the number of our cell group members, we compete in ministry. When the ministry is successful, we take honor. When things aren't good, we feel ashamed.
We are treating the ministry as "my" ministry, "my" cell group, "my" accomplishment.

We are letting God's dream becoming our identity.
We are following the vision instead of following God.
We rejoice in the success of the ministry instead of rejoicing in the Lord's presence.

Our dream, ministry and talents are not our reward. Only God Himself is our greatest reward.

When God circumcise us, we might be ripped off our most precious thing in life.
Things which we are good at, things we call our talents and identity.

For example, you are a worship leader and you do good at it. People give you praise and you enjoy it. If one day you are not allowed to lead anymore. Who are you? Have you lost you identity?
Our only identity is the child of God.
What good is it if we gain the whole world but lose God.

Jesus came to earth, dying from His status of God's son. He humble himslef, empty everything. Then, He ministered with great power.

Elisha left his high ranked occuption and followed Elijah, only to wash his hands and carry his baggage. Then, Elisha got double the anointing from Elijah.

If we want the double anointing, we want to serve with great power, DIE.

This day, God ripped me off my pride. I have been longing to make myself noticed, taking credits for things I've accomplished. Now I am nothing else but an empty vessel. I can't take the glory which belongs to God. In this way, only can His glory be manifested to the fullest.

No longer me, but Jesus Christ wo lives in me.

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