Sunday, June 14, 2009

A4J Conference Day 1 Session 1

I know I should be studying for my super near finals now.
But...this stirring spirit in my heart just makes me wanna record all down.

Awakening for Jesus Kingdom Revival Conference.
While everyone in my uni is burying themselves in books, I drown myself in God's presence :)

I will try my best to share what Ps Philip Mantofa had shared, cos u know..His preaching is so captivating that sometimes I just forgot to move my pen.

1st session - Rev. Philip Mantofa

Acts 16:6-10
These verses are about apostle Paul's vision of the man of Macedonia.
Paul traveled through many places during his ministry time and of course touched many people's lives along the way. It was weird that the Holy Spirit stopped him from preaching the word of God in some places, though his wanted so much to go there.
One night he had a vision of a Macedonian man, begging him to go and help him. He got ready at once to leave for Macedonia.

Why did the Holy Spirit stopped Paul from going to Asia, Mysia and Bithynia?
There is no hunger from the people.

Revival does not happen because of the anointing of a great speaker, it all depends on the local people. Are they hungry enough for God's mighty work? Are we hungry enough to save the lost?

Ps Philip told us that the Asia for Jesus Team had never thought of coming to Malaysia and help us. We are of course not the 1st choice, not even the 2nd, 3rd of 4th...
But one day when he was praying, Ps Jonathan from FGA chuch sent him an sms.
"Why the Taiwanese are having you more than the Malaysians?"
He looked at the sms...and got ready once to give all he has for Malaysia. Hence his coming to A4J 2009.

Just like Paul, he saw only one Macedonian man in his vision, but he decided to help Macedonia.
Similarly in the city of Sodom and Gomorrha, God is only looking for one righteous man.

If God sees one man, He will embrace the whole nation.

Malaysia has been noticed. There is hunger in people in Malaysia for revival. We are very honored to get this second chance...

Luke 8:26-32
When Jesus manifested bodily among the people, satan will be cast out!
Ps Philip used a funny analogy, satan could not get any people from Malaysia, only pigs!

He also shared about his 3 months old youngest son, Warren. Warren means General literally. Warren has a poorly developed lungs when he was born and the doctor has to put him in an ICU incubator fr weeks, might be months. Before attaching needles and supporting devices to Warren, Ps Philip hold him and said to him: "Warren, you are a General! Do not attach yourself with the needles, attach yourself to your daddy's FAITH!"

The little baby went into the ICU. 2days, he is able to drink milk. 3 days, all needles off him. 4 days, he went home with his daddy. He's growing strong in his father's faith.

Ps Philip said Malaysia is like the youngest child, we might be insignificant and weak. But we attach to a general's faith! One day we can be STRONG!

In between, some words struck me. Ps Philip is such an adorable person that all of us love him so much. But he said he does not care how much we love him and how popular he is among us. This is because he is very clear that although he is the giver and us the receiver, God is the source. Do not fall into the popularity business.
We are nobody. It is the treasure God put in us that made us somebody.

This pricks me so much and I believe for many of the church leaders too.
We enjoyed the feeling of being needed. Sometimes turn into pride and selfishness.
We tend to build "our own" ministry, not God's.

The prayer session is also powerful. We were asked to hold the chair in front of us and when Ps Philip drop his handkerchief, the anointing will pass from the floor to the chairs and to us. When we receive enough anointing, we put our hands on our hearts.
The moment I put my hands on my chest, I felt my heartbeat. Later on, I realized it's God's heartbeat. It goes really fast, but really steady. God's heartbeat for Malaysia, is steadfast. Steady...but fast. Revival is here, we have not much time. Let's act fast.

omg..this is so long..thanks for reading til the end... ;p
God bless you.

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